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If you’re looking for custom-made fencing solutions with a focus on complete privacy and security for residential, commercial and industrial properties, we can help!

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and powder coating quality compliant fencing at our facility on the Central Coast, so we have the flexibility to provide you with custom fencing solutions for any size project.

We also have a full installation service, meaning you can enjoy a hassle-free process from start to finish.





Your Custom-made Fencing Options

Aluminium Tubular Fencing

We happily work on both residential properties and commercial projects, including supplying compliant fencing for:

  • Safe Fencing for Pool Areas or Spas
  • Property Boundaries
  • Decorative Front Garden Fencing
  • Unobtrusive Tubular Fencing Solutions for Back Gardens

All our tubular fencing is made-to-order by the team at our factory in West Gosford. Every tubular fence panel is created from high-quality aluminium to match both your home’s style and property size. Whatever design you have in mind, whether it be Flattop, Looptop, Spears or Diamonds – we can deliver.  Since 1991, we’ve been successfully forging our path in the industry.

Pool Fencing
aluminium tubular pool fencing

Pool Fencing

Want an incredible poolside vista? We hold stock of flat top aluminium 1200 high aluminium black powder coated pool fencing at our West Gosford factory. 

The quality of pool fencing you choose is important. Ensuring you have a compliant, secure outdoor pool fence is vital as it means your young children and pets are safe. When assembling and installing your swimming pool fence, safety is always our top priority. So you can relax in the knowledge that we design pool fences that meet strict Australian Standards.

In addition to safety, you also want pool fencing that is stylish, modern and attractive. Or if your existing pool fence needs a refresh, glass pool fencing is a stunning upgrade option. You will be amazed at how elegant your pool area looks simply by adding glass pool fencing. 

Our glass fencing panels come with strong aluminium posts to hold them in place, and in your choice of:

  • Full-Framed
  • Semi-Framed
  • Frameless
Frameless Glass Pool Fencing
Glass Pool Fencing
Glass pool fencing by house

The panels are durable enough to withstand pressure and any accidents. You can choose the right kind of glass fencing frame for your home, depending on the design of your pool and your favourite viewpoint. 

Simply browse the frame style options and get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote to find out what fencing will work best in your outdoor space.

Slat Fencing

Slat Fencing, or decorative fencing, is perfect for secluding outdoor areas where personal privacy and style is a must. 

Our range of slat fencing and decorative fencing designs allow you to maintain airflow, obscure the view from onlookers, and match the colour scheme to your property. We work to your specifications, so the possibilities are virtually endless!

fencing on property
White Fencing

Benefits of Slat Fencing:

  • Decorative elements will enhance the look of the outdoor area
  • Enjoy your personal spa knowing you can’t be seen
  • Gates can be manufactured with the same slat design
  • Front fencing solutions add extra privacy to your home
  • Blend your slat fencing style into the surrounding environment
  • Slats and louvre blades allow optimum airflow 
  • Angled designs allow visibility from inside out, but not outside in


Our customised gates provide privacy, safety and security. We offer a great range of long-lasting, stylish made-to-order gates, that are a perfect security solution for a:

  • Family Home
  • Factory
  • Business
  • Block of flats
  • Secure driveway
  • Busy backyard

Depending on the layout of your residential or commercial property, we will tailor your choice of gate to allow access as a:

  • Sliding Gate
  • Swinging Gate
  • Pedestrian Gate
  • Automated Opening System (with Intercom)

We will supply and install customised gates suitable for driveways or pedestrian access. Your gate can be manufactured from any of our standard fencing designs, or made to measure to suit your own specifications and style.

If you order a newly installed fence with us, we can produce a gate that matches it perfectly. If you have an existing fence, we will try our best to complement its design with our huge range of materials and colours.

We offer a complete installation service. All you need to do is organise a free quote and measure with us, choose the style of gate best suited to your property, and we will sort the rest.

Slat Fencing
Pool Fencing
Slatted gate

Security Fencing

Whether you need commercial fencing to secure a row of buildings, industrial fencing to protect the contents of a storage facility, or you’re seeking an extra layer of safety for your home.

Black Security Fencing
Black Security Fencing

We can provide a variety of security fencing solutions for premises including:

  • Schools
  • Factories or Warehouses
  • Commercial Office Blocks
  • Government Buildings
  • Valuable or Dangerous Goods Storage Facilities
  • Residential properties
School Security Fencing
White Security Fencing

Benefits of Security Fencing:

If security, safety and privacy are top of your priorities list, choosing to install security fencing can bring a lot of advantages to your development, business or home life:

  1. Heightened safety for people
  2. Prevent unauthorised access to private sites 
  3. Guard unsafe areas i.e. high voltage or dangerous equipment 
  4. Reduce vandalism, graffiti and deter intruders
  5. Raise the value of your home property

Our security fences are manufactured with durable Australian steel or aluminium, which is ideal for coastal environments. We ensure a consistent level of workmanship is delivered on every project as standard.

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