Custom Glass Balustrades

We offer high quality glass balustrades to the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney North regions, installed with the greatest attention to detail.

In Australia we spend a lot of time outdoors. This means you naturally want to create a space that is functional, stylish and secure. But when you choose a safety railing or fence, you don’t want to block your view, the sunshine, or make the space feel small and enclosed. This is where the benefits of glass balustrades are clear.

Betta Balustrades specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of glass balustrades, which can all be installed with a high quality finish by our expert team on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney. Adding glass balustrades to your home not only raises the level of safety for outdoor spaces, but it is a wonderfully stylish feature of the modern designer home.

Glass Balustrades

We have a range of options that can be adapted to your property, depending if you’re looking for:

  • Glass balustrades for balconies
  • Glass balustrades for staircases
  • Glass balustrades for outdoor decking areas
  • Glass balustrades for swimming pools
  • PLUS special properties where a tailored option is needed

Your Balustrade Options

We ensure our glass panels are installed securely. We take pride in our work and guarantee secure, stable installation of every fencing product that leaves our factory. 

Our range of balustrades all comply with Australian Standards, so you can rest assured compliance and safety are always prioritised for Betta Balustrade installations. All our glass balustrades are complete with safety glass – clear or tinted – in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass options. The thickness and the balustrade system used depends on the height of your deck, verandah, patio or pergola.

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Benefits of Glass Balustrades

  • Safety guaranteed
  • Durability
  • Stylish addition to a modern house
  • Increase a property’s curb appeal
  • Keep your view without compromising on safety
  • Corrosion-proof aluminium and stainless steel framing available (great for coastal homes)

Choose your Style of Glass Balustrade 

You can further style your glass balustrades by choosing to have only three sides framed and no rail at the base of the glass panel, or you can add a mid-rail to the top of the design, giving an extra element of stability while keeping clear visibility through the central glass panel. The choice is yours…

Professional Glass Balustrade Installation Central Coast, Newcastle & Sydney

Elysium Penthouse Fencing

Our certified team of contractors install balustrade solutions for a living. If you order your balustrades through us, it makes sense to have our team swiftly install it as part of the process. We will quickly understand the nuts and bolts of your individual property and the balustrade you’ve chosen, which limits any hiccups that might be caused by calling in secondary balustrade installers. 

When we turn up on site, we treat your home with the highest respect. We clean up after ourselves and test your fence for safety requirements before signing off.  On every job, no-fuss fencing is our focus.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Designed & tested to meet Australian Standards.

This is the top of the range when it comes to choosing your glass balustrades. Complete glass panels ensure complete transparency when looking out at the view, and as we all know the better the view the higher the price! The most common ways to install frameless glass balustrades is with a mini spigot (or post) that sits under the panel of glass, or the glass panel is bolted to the side of a secure wall, or the glass panel is slotted into a recessed channel without intrusive posts. The best option for your property will be discussed during your initial assessment.

Semi Frameless Glass Balustrade

Designed & tested to meet Australian Standards.

Semi-frameless glass balustrades offer a design that is sturdy but still has the benefit of a clear view of the outdoor surrounds. Glass fencing panels are secured with a top rail and two vertical, structural aluminium posts fitted firmly in the ground. Semi Frameless glass balustrades are the perfect compromise between the Frameless and Semi-Frameless options, in terms of affordability and visibility of your view.

Full-framed Glass Balustrade

Designed & tested to meet Australian Standards.

For maximum stability, choose to completely frame your clear glass fencing panels with rust-resistant aluminum posts. This option is popular on balconies, or areas where even a slight movement of the fence panels is not an option. Full framed fencing is an affordable choice if your view can’t be enhanced any further by opting for completely frameless glass fencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is tubular pool fencing?

Fencing Manufacturers install 100% compliant pool fences. We follow every Council regulation to ensure your new fence provides an effective, permanent safety barrier that stands no less than 1.2m high.

Do all your tubular fences come powder-coated, or does that cost more?

There’s no extra cost! We offer steel and aluminium tubular fencing that is powder-coated as standard before installation. This powder-coating is completed by our qualified team, and delivered directly to you. In case you’re wondering, powder-coating is the electrostatic application of a dry powder that is cooked in an oven and sealed on the fence tubing. It’s essentially the process of adding a protective and decorative layer to your new fence.

I want to design my fencing online, but install it myself. Is DIY fencing possible?

We like to think anything is possible in the fencing world. This is why we work with each of our customers to design and manufacture the style of fencing they have dreamed up in their head. If you want to install your own fencing, talk to us to get the right advice and organise delivery of a supply only package.

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If you’re looking for the best possible balustrade solution for your property, but are still doing your research – explore our entire range! Simply select the style you want to learn more about.

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